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A shared roasting space. Changing the narrative and perception of roasting.


• store •

Free storage for up to a pallet of coffee. We work with select green suppliers that will help guide and educate. Spot green options available for small amounts of green coffee. Have existing green? Bring it in and store it here.

• roast •

Roast on our powerful 15kg Mill City roaster: burner rated 120,000 BTU/hour, with fast 3mm temperature probes. Fully adjustable fan and drum speed. Capable of roasting 105-110 pounds per hour.

• quality control •

Everything you would need to control your quality is here: Decent DE1Pro, Mahlkonig EK43, Fetco CBS 1131 V+, Refraction equipment, Moisture Analyzer, cupping equipment, and various minerals for building water.




Free Induction & Training Session

Free Climate-controlled Green Storage

Free Access to Masterclasses & Tastings

Discounted Green Pickup at Continental

HALF DAY • 4hrs


Free Roast Curve Analysis

Free Hour of Guided Roast Time

Free Induction & Training Session

Free Climate-controlled Green Storage

Free Access to Masterclasses & Tastings

Discounted Green Pickup at Continental

FULL DAY • 8hrs


Free Roast Curve Analysis

Free Two Hours of Guided Roast Time

Free Induction & Training Session

Free Climate-Controlled Green Storage

Free Access to Masterclasses & Tastings

Discounted Green Pickup at Continental


“Big Coffee Has Problem as Craft Roasters Cut Out a Middleman”

Jeff Bezos isn’t coming to Long Island City anymore, but the future of small-batch coffee roasting may already be taking root there.

About a mile north of the site that Inc. abandoned for its proposed New York City campus, a tiny coffee roasting co-op is welcoming anyone from cafe owners to hip consumers wanting to prepare their own green beans. Regalia’s model, which lets customers rent time at its roasting machines, is attracting a wave of trendy Americans looking to ditch the traditional brands that have long dominated the coffee scene in favor of specialty beans and a more artisan cup of joe.

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By guiding the initial operation, and providing our clients with steps to achieve consistency, we can turn any barista into a roaster in under two hours

“While the financial benefits are immense, nothing beats the tools and the additional set of skills you can now provide your staff, who after roasting once are armed with a trade. This produces a newfound sense of ownership and responsibility your staff will have towards your business, and hopefully in turn increases their longevity and time with you.”

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“The mission is to lower the barrier into entry into roasting”

In a city full of self-starters and go-getters, New York is an ongoing contributor to the growing sentiment that “everyone’s a roaster now.” This caffeine-fueled entrepreneurial jungle is continuously teeming with aspiring business owners, new cafes, and roasting companies despite the city’s continual crunch for real estate. Paolo and Chisato Maliksi’s Regalia Roasting Collective is the next logical step in the coffee chain—it’s a shared roasting space and wholesale venture for both brand new coffee professionals and those venturing over from the restaurant world.

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Jeremiah Borrego

Olas Coffee


With Regalia's resources, Olas Coffee has been given the opportunity to grown at it's own pace and to focus on what matters most: quality coffee.  The tools and classes at the price point offered have been invaluable.  Pair this with an excited community of new roasters, this is truly an incredible space for anyone looking to get into roasting coffee.


Jennifer Ng

Doughnut Plant


Being able to roast at Regalia has given me insight to a different side of coffee. From choosing green coffee, to roasting, and finally seeing it in shops, everything is hands on. Allowing shop owners to become coffee roasters to provide the highest level of control over their quality of coffee.


Andrew Ho

Paper Coffee


Our aim at Paper Coffee is to execute the highest level of coffee service built around a curated menu that respects seasonality and provenance. As veterans of the industry, the opportunities afforded to us by Regalia are every coffee professionals' dream: from having access to impeccable terroir expressive green coffees, to learning from renowned industry figures, to working on the most innovative equipment. Our partnership with Regalia has brought us closer to our goal of showcasing complex, clean, and sweet coffees, and we can proudly say that the quality of our coffee rivals that of any leading specialty roaster.

Discounted service rates for collective members

We are proud to partner with Legacy Coffee Tech to provide discounted services to our collective partners. Services include, and are not limited to:

  • Equipment Sales & Installation

  • Service and Maintenance

  • Restoration

  • Customization

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